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A Sick Day for Amost McGeeBartholomew and teh Oobleck Award Winning Book for ChildrenBlueberries for Sal Award Winning Book for ChildrenAl Capone Does My Shirts Newbery AwardComing On Home Soon Newbery Award Winning Book for ChildrenDark Thirty Newbery Award  Winning Book for ChildrenThe Ugly Duckling Award Winning Book for ChildrenThe First Egg Caldecott Winning Book for ChildrenFables Caldecott Award Winning BookFeathers Newbery Award Winning Book for ChildrenFlotsam Caldecott Award Winning Book for ChildrenFlow High Fly LowThe Fool of the World Caldecott Award WinningFrederick Caldecott Award Winning BookGlorious Flight Newbery Award Wining Book for ChildrenRamona and Her Father Newbery Award Winning BookHoles Newbery Award Winning Book for ChildrenTwenty-One Balloons Newbery Award Winning Book for ChildrenSmokey Award Winning Book for ChildrenThe Snowy Day Caldecott Award Winning Book for ChildrenWhite Snow Bright Snow Caldecott Award Winning Book for ChildrenThe Witch of Blackbird Pond Newbery Award Winning Book

About A Child's Library

Everyone who is involved in the creation of this store cherishes books. Reading is a fundamental cornerstone to success in life. A love of reading enables us to reach a higher level of accomplishment and serves as a constant and stabilizing force in life. Those of us involved with A Child's Library learned at very young ages the joy that comes from being lost in a special book.

A child's mind is like a dry sponge. Just sprinkle it with water - in this case, books - and watch it expand. Absorption of material by the brain will never be as efficient as it is during childhood. All of us involved in this store are parents and have seen our children and grandchildren develop self-confidence and self-esteem, absorb vast amounts of knowledge, and obtain prestigious positions because of the foundation they received from a love of reading. They have read, and continue to read and enjoy, quality books. These books have not only enabled them to learn, but to continuously expand their imaginations and serve as a source of companionship and entertainment.

We are proud to carry quality hardback children's books. They are books that experts in children's literature have found to be the best of the best. All of the books that make up the heart of this store have received either a Caldecott, Newbery or Michael L. Printz literary award. Books like Frog Went A-Courtin', Where the Wild Things Are, The Polar Express, and Black and White, although 20 to 55 years old, still serve as sources of fond memories. The libraries that you can create with these books will be cherished family heirlooms handed down through the generations.

Love the young ones, cherish them, shape them, and bestow upon them a gift no one will ever be able to transcend - the love of reading.

We respect your privacy and do not disclose any information about you or your order to anyone.

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People are Talking!

"My daughter was so thrilled when she saw that a box of books had arrived in the mail. She immediately grabbed two of the books and headed to her favorite spot. I didn't even see her for over an hour. She especially loved Amos McGee. She looks forward to the books every month." Jessica C., Mountview, CA

"Thanks ACL. Shopping with 5 year old twins can be a daunting task. You can only imagine! My kids love to read and you have made my life a bit easier. Thanks again." Susan D. New York City, NY

"Our youngest, 4 year old Abby, went crazy happy when she found the box with 3 books in it. "Mommy/Daddy, read, please read." The illustrations in 'Where the Wild Things Are' occupied her for probably 2 hours after her Dad and I had each read Max to her twice. Michael and Daniel, 7 and 10, look forward to their books too." Angela La Jolla, CA

"I'm not sure who loves the books more our three year old, our nine year old or me. The books are always perfect and it saves me so much time. It's a happy day here when they arrive in the mail." David, College Station, TX

"Benjamin wanted me to let you know that he thinks 'Whistle for Willie' is very cool! Thanks for such a great service." Jose, SF,CA

"I was so surprised when a box of books arrived for Marlissa today. I learned that her Nana had given her a Book Subscription. It is so wonderful to know that books will come every month. What a great idea!" Grace, Prospect Park, IL














A Child's Library 2207 Concord Pike #157 Wilmington, DE 19803 800.378.5510

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Island for Blue Dolphin Award Wining Book for ChildernJohn Henry Newbery Award Winning Book for ChildrenLily's Crossing Newbery Award Wining Book for ChildrenJoseph Had a Little Overcoat Madeline's Rescue Award Winning Book for ChildrenMadeline Award Winning Book for Childern Why Do Mosquitos Buzz in People's Ears There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly Penny from Heaven Newbery Award Winning Book for ChildrenHollis Woods Newbery Award Wining Book for ChildrenThe Three Pigs Award Winning Book for  ChildrenPolar Bear Express Caldecott Award Winning Book for ChildrenSo You Want to Be President Caldecott Award Winning Book for ChildrenMy Friend Rabbit Caldecott Award Winning Book for ChildrenRamona Quimby Age 8 Newbery Award Winning Book Golem Award Winning Book for ChildrenRapunzel Caldecot Award Winning BookA Single Shard Award Winning Book for ChildrenSwimmy Caldecott Award Winning Book for ChildrenTuesday Caldecott Award Winning Book for ChildrenSeven Blind Mice Award Wining Book for ChildrenHoot Newbery Award Winning Book for Children

Ben's Trumpet Award Winning Book for ChildrenAlexander and the Wind Up Mouse Award Winning BookDear Mr. Henshaw Newbery Award Winning Book for ChildrenKitten's First Full Moon Award Winning Book for ChildrenIn the Night Kitchen Award Wining Book for ChildrenMufaro's Beautiful Daughters Award Winning BookSavvy Newbery Award Winning Books for ChildrenSnowwhite Caldecott Award Winning Book For ChildrenTen Nigh Eight Caldecott Award Winning BookTruck Caldecott Award Winning Book for ChildrenWhere the Wild Things Are Caldecott Award Winning Book